Stay organized and creative with the Resource-oriented Calendar 2022

To create the resource-oriented Calendar 2022, Karin and her photographer Felix projected images of places worth visiting onto the studio wall. What an uplifting 80-minutes journey around the world that was!

Stay organized for 2022 and let Karin take you with her on this beautiful and colourful little trip around the world. 

Here you can download the calendar for free.

We wish you a great new year full of creative thoughts, radiant colours, loving encounters and reasons to laugh wholeheartedly. 

Your art of motion team


Message from Karin:

At the beginning of this year, when many people felt confined and global travel restrictions were in place, I decided to go on a worldwide trip – in my imagination. The text message I sent to photographer, fellow globetrotter, and good friend Felix Peter said the following:

In 80 minutes around the world – take off at the art of motion Academy, Monday 1st of March @ 2 pm

We both arrived with brimming suitcases, Felix’s filled with camera equipment, mine well-stocked with clothes, hats, and sunglasses – as well as images of places worth visiting. We projected these images onto the studio wall and off we went, in 80 minutes around the world and up into the sky. It was a laughter-filled journey that uplifted and resourced us both.

Whatever the outer circumstances, YOUR IMAGINATION REALLY GETS YOU PLACES.

Nowadays, more than ever, “reverie is not a gift, it is an achievement”.

Stay creative and resourceful. Treat yourself and others with kindness. Let’s co-create a joint reality that is vibrant and inclusive.