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Anatomy Trains in Motion flashcard set by Karin Gurtner and Tom Myers. Inside this box you will find 80 learning cards that will assist your study of the integral anatomy of the Anatomy Trains body map in relation to body-minded movement.

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Language: English.

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Format: 80 Individual Flashcards. The new format (book) will be soon available on Amazon. The exact publishing date will be released here on this page and in our Newsletter.

Anatomy Trains in Motion - Education in a Box

The integral Anatomy Trains “map of connection” is translated into a tangible and productive application for movement training. Whether you’re seeking an initial introduction to the detail of the anatomy of the myofascial meridians or you’re ready for movement-relevant understanding of the interrelatedness of the lines, you’ll find this to be a helpful tool. With detailed maps of each of the Anatomy Trains lines, training aims and considerations specific to each line, recommended movement sequences to enhance fascial movement qualities, and supportive ways to embody your learning, the learning cards for Myofascial Meridian Anatomy will take you along a detailed yet integrated and embodied path toward movement ease.

Find complex information summarized on individual cards, which you won't find in any other books or manuals. Find space to draw the myofascial meridians and lots of movement sequence for embrainment and embodiment concurrently. As a bonus you can take one line with you for travelling instead of a whole heavy book or course manual. Why not taking the Lateral Line with you the next time you catch the train to go to work or on holiday.


The first set of cards:

  • gives tips on how to use this learning tool. outlines the rules of the game.
  • shows and lists the fascial roundhouses.
  • summarizes general training aims for the myofascial meridians.

For each line there is a set comprising cards that:

  • show the course and list the myofascial anatomy.
  • can be used for drawing and writing to solidify the understanding.
  • summarize postural and myofascial movement functions.
  • state sensory qualities. apply the anatomy of the myofascial meridians to a body-minded movement sequence.
  • sum up specific training aims.
  • describe additional training considerations.

The last two sets of cards give you an insight into:

  • fascia as an influential perceptual system.
  • Slings Myofascial Training and structural integration through movement.

The Anatomy Trains in Motion Learningcards will soon be available on Amazon as a book. Save on Shipping and importtaxes if you are based outside of Switzerland. Stay tuned. Release date to be announced soon.