6 Questions to Bonnie

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Bonnie Furzer has passionately dedicated her professional life to movement and therapy. At art of motion she is one of our lecturers.

Who or what does inspire you?
My clients - from the very honest kids and teens to the "golden oldies" still working hard in their 90’s!

The most useless item you own?
PEZ lolly dispensers – I don’t even like the lollies but the dispensers make me smile.

Your absolute NO-GO in class?
Starting and/or finishing late.

If you met yourself 10 years ago – what would you tell you?
"Don’t sweat the small stuff", and “Pause – it doesn’t all have to happen immediately"

With which dead celebrity would you like to have dinner? I have a love of history so I would probably pick someone that I could just listen to their amazing life stories …

Your life is a movie. The title?
The Fast and the (not so) Furious!