12 Days of Christmas

As a sign of deep appreciation and gratitude for the Anatomy Trains family, Tom Myers and the Anatomy Trains team have created a special event and are thrilled to invite you to the Anatomy Trains 12 Days of Christmas Masterclass Series, showcasing world-renowned thought leaders in fascia, anatomy, and body-minded movement. With this amazing lineup, it will be hard to pick just one to attend!

Each two-hour masterclass will be presented live over Zoom—we encourage you to join us live! Anatomy Trains will have exclusive contests for those who attend live, with fun prizes awarded to the winners. However, if you cannot attend live, you can relax in the knowledge that each webinar will be recorded, and the recording will be made available for you to enjoy for 45 days.

Early bird price of $50 per webinar held until December 24th at 8pm EST. $75 thereafter. For those interested in attending the full 12 days, Anatomy Trains offers a Santa Package. Fill someone’s or your very own stocking with unforgettable educational experiences.

Standard Price:
All 12 Days of Christmas Masterclass Series: $75 x 17 = $1,275

Santa Package:
Your ultimate deal to access the full 12 days at a significant discount, plus $350 worth of bonuses for $600.

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Where:Live Online, Zoom
When:26 December - 06 January 2020
Organiser:Anatomy Trains
Tickets:Anatomy Trains

Move and Be Moved - Presented by Karin Gurtner

The feeling of self-determination is essential for holistic wellbeing. It empowers engaging the contrasts of life with a healthy dose of emotional vigour and mental clarity, therefore greater physical functionality. Like resilience, self-determination is not a quality one inherently possesses or lacks; it is a skill that can be trained.
Slings Myofascial Training is a resource-oriented integrative movement practice that facilitates inner dynamic balance and a sense of togetherness along with intrinsic motivation and growth. These elements strengthen the kind of self-determination that motivates you to move, be proactive, and adapt while allowing you to be moved, let go, and bounce back.

Fascia as a collaborative sensory system with structural resilience is in focus in this interactive webinar. Explored are:

  • Kinaesthetic intelligence, therefore the interplay of proprioceptive finesse (moving) and interoceptive clarity (being moved).
  • Fascial tone regulation, therefore the dynamic counterpoise between the sympathetic (activity) and parasympathetic (release) nervous system.
  • Fascial elasticity, therefore rhythmical lengthening (adapting) and recoiling (bouncing back).
 Date: 26 December 2020, 10am - 12pm EST; 16:00 - 18:00 Swiss Time.
 Format: Interactive lecture including a presentation and practical parts.
 Skill level: Intermediate
 Equipment:     Yoga mat, 2 soft massage balls such as the Slings Massage Balls
 Optional: Kneeling pad, 2 massage domes such as the Slings Massage Domes

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