Become a Host Center

We collaborate with selected host centres around the world. Our partners organise and offer art of motion teacher training courses.

By hosting a single course like Anatomy Trains in Motion or offering a whole curriculum like Slings Myofascial Training, you as a host broaden your centre’s education portfolio with high quality and innovative products. You generate additional income for your business and sharpen your profile as a professional hub for movement professionals and therapists.

There are many benefits in hosting teacher training courses in Contemporary Pilates, Anatomy Trains in Motion® and Slings Myofascial Training®.

  • Be a leader: Offer high quality and innovative education courses.
  • Maintain excellence: Strengthen your staff’s professionalism at your home base.
  • Be outstanding: Attract movement professionals and therapists to your training centre.
  • Increase profits: Generate additional revenue for your business.
  • Achieve more: In a win-win collaboration with like-minded education professionals.

We support you:

  • Qualified educators: Our certified and experienced teachers will conduct courses at your location.
  • Excellent course material: We provide you with in-depth course books.
  • Market package: You will receive ready-to-use images and texts (in English) to promote your courses.
  • Marketing support: We back your sales efforts with personalised video clips and our own online marketing campaigns.
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