Postura Scorretta allena la fascia!


An interview with Cristina Ferri about fascial training in the Viversani e Belli magazine. 

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Anatomy Trains Australia EMAG 11th Edition


This is worth putting down the book or article you are currently reading: the latest edition of the Anatomy Trains Australia & NZ e-magazine.
What a collection of great articles, written by accomplished professionals. Each one is a gem.
And I am so delighted to see art of motion Academy educator Heidi Savage's essay about "Living a resource-oriented life, on and off the mat”: highly recommended!

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The 9th edition of the Anatomy Trains Australia EMAG is here! The theme for this magazine is "How We Move" and authors were given one brief; to write an article on how we move from their perspective. What is important in movement and why. The magazine features articles by Thomas Myers, Karin Gurtner, Ap Lindberg, Woiciech Cackowski and Chris Clayton and an interview with Jill Miller. Enjoy the read!

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Anatomy Trains Australia EMAG 8th Edition


A visionary is turning 70: happy birthday Tom Myers!
Let the stories of brilliant people give you an insight into the life and accomplishments of a man who reshaped – and from our perspective, revolutionised - the way we see integral anatomy.

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How do you maintain an upright posture? Where does coordination come from? Or seemingly elusive sensations like spaciousness, weightiness or buoyancy? And why can some movements make you feel elated and others irritated? Because of your 6th sense: kinaesthesia. If that sounds a bit mystical, it is not – at least not in the way it sounds.
Besides the five senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch – you have kinaesthesia, which I call the 6th sense. As the eyes are the organ of sight and the skin the organ of touch perception, fascia is the ‘organ’ of kinaesthesia.

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Anatomy Trains Australia EMAGAZINE


The new Anatomy Trains Australia EMAGAZINE just came out - with an interview with Tom Myers, an article by Jaap van der Wal  as well as an item about kinaesthesia by Karin and other excellent contributions.

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Anatomy Trains Insides


With contributions from Tom Myers, Karin Gurtner, Julie Hammond, James Earls and others.

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Anatomy Trains in Motion


A Story of an Educational Sudoku and Global Connections.

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About Karin Gurtner


Looking for Quiet, Creating Whirlwinds. 

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The Pelvic Floor & Pilates


WellBeing Magazine Australia. 

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