Fascia as a Sensory and Emotional Organ

Workshop: Perceiving Meaning from Within


4 December 2022
9:00 - 13:00
Time zone: Switzerland (CEST, UTC+1)­­­

Where: Live Online (Zoom)
Presenters: Robert Schleip and Karin Gurtner
For whom: For all movement professionals who are interested in fascial training
Education investment: Regular price: CHF 160
Early Bird price: CHF 140 until 20 Oktober 2022
Equipment: 2 soft massage balls, for example Slings Massage Balls
Recording: You will have access to the course recording for 30 days.


Latest histological examinations have shown that the bodywide fascial net constitutes by far the richest sensory organ of the human body. What do we know about the major functions of this surprising capacity? Which role do the many sympathetic nerve endings play, particularly those that do not terminate close to blood vessels? And which specific fasciae have major interoceptive rather than proprioceptive functions? How specifically does acute emotional stress impact neurofascial dynamics? How about chronic stress? 
And finally: How can we use an improved understanding of these specific interactions for more potent interventions in the fields of manual and movement therapy?

Robert Schleip

For experiencing the fascial system in its capacity as a sensory organ, you are invited to roll out your mat for Slings Myofascial Training practices. In concert with a deliberate exercise selection, the specific cueing aims to train and refine kinaesthetic intelligence, which strengthens – I believe – our physical vitality along with emotional intelligence and inner ease.

Karin Gurtner

This workshop is an expanded version of the correspondent webinar from the 2022 series.