Education Principles

For Professionals

  • We train movement professionals in a resource-oriented, comprehensive, and motivating way.
  • We support further education for therapists with the flexible and well-researched Slings Myofascial Training concept.
  • We offer a holistic and comprehensive fascial training concept for movement teachers and therapists who want to expand their range of working tools.

Theory-based Practise

  • You know how and why movements are performed.
  • You have purposeful instruments to use during your classes and training.
  • We stay with you and keep you up-to-date.

Modular Training

  • You can enter the training pathway from wherever you are currently.
    • You can start from scratch, learning every element of movement and knowledge.
    • Based on your relevant experience and education, you (can) skip one course or another.
  • Your interests decide your further education pathway.
  • You can proceed at the pace that is most suited to you.

Course Material

  • Your learning process does not end on the last day of the course; your course book is your reference guide for you to refresh knowledge and evoke ideas.
  • While you are an experienced teacher, you can constantly add refinement to your lessons thanks to the detailed descriptions in your course book.


  • The art of motion people love to share knowledge with you, that is our job.
  • You learn in an open and motivating teaching atmosphere in which your questions and contributions are welcome.
  • We will accompany you with every step on your career path.
  • You can work with movement, feeling safe, purposeful and joyful.

You & Us

We teach you

We give you the necessary knowledge in movement training and anatomy, so that you understand what you do.

You learn

After the course you develop your own learning strategy because so far no one has mastered anatomy, training theory and exercises in only one course.

We guide you

We show, describe and do exercises with you on a professional level and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

You exercise

You do the exercises and practise the movements in order to be a role model for your clients, as well as to experience the benefits of the training yourself.

We inspire you

During the course and on videos we show you 100s of exercises and sequences which you can use as a whole or blend into your own lessons.

You are creative

Use your developed lessons to feel relaxed while teaching, but do not constantly repeat it; stay awake, stay curious.

We are professionals

We provide you with current course contents and professional teachers.

You are a professional

Your training sessions are contemporary and functional because you have internalised movement; and the purpose and use of exercises are known things for you.