Our mission as an educational institute is to generously share science-informed, practice-oriented expertise. We do this with passion and significant intellectual intention (with heart and brain). Meaningful theory and deliberate practical application will facilitate your professional and personal growth.

Why art of motion? Our unique training courses allow you to be an even more unique movement professional.


Modular Education

Why is a modular education pathway set out? Because

  • You are flexible:
    • You can attend one or two modules to assure yourself of the effectiveness of Slings.
    • You decide whether you want to complete the training course within six months or two years.
  • You can repeat individual modules.
  • You can distribute the course costs over several months or years.
  • You choose dates that suit you. 

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Mix & Match Course Formats

The education pathway is predetermined. You can mix and match course formats, repeat individual modules and complete the Slings Diploma at your own pace. We recommend completing the Slings Curriculum within two years.

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Karin Gurtner & Tom Myers About Slings Myofascial Training