Movement Art

Anatomy Trains in Motion on Tour

Developed by Karin Gurtner
In association with Anatomy Trains

The Anatomy Trains in Motion course is filled with movement relevant information and practical applications that not only sound good on paper, but work well in real life.


Take your practise into daily life

Next time you sit in a park why not take a 1-minute movement break.


Anatomy Trains in Motion

Concept by Karin Gurtner (art of motion)

Endorsed by Thomas W. Myers (Anatomy Trains)

  • Anatomy Trains as a holistic body map for movement.
  • Myofascial meridian anatomy ‘translated’ into movement art.
  • Real world movement explained via the Anatomy Trains lines.
  • Linking structure to function.
  • Connecting understanding and embodiment.


Contemporary Pilates with FlowTonic Pads

Karin and Antonia will take you on a 5 minute Contemporary Pilates tour with FlowTonic Pads. The sequence is quite fast to give you lots of ideas. If you want to join them, repeat the single exercises a couple of times.


The Red Clip

A couple of weeks ago, I walked out the door wearing a red dress and red shoes. Richard, my friend and downstairs neighbor, was at the same time watering a red geranium. We started talking about art, the wonder of water and the contrasting magic of life, therefore movement.

At 5am the next morning we sat in my matchbox of a car driving south to a dried out salt lake near Perth, ready to play. We had no script and no grand plan, just a bag full of red clothes, a wine glass, a bottle of water and two goals: to have fun and to practice for the 'real thing'.

As it turned out, we had the 'real thing' in our hands, yet all along we had only played. It's a short clip and like a dream, it tells many stories. The story you see is for you, from us.

Warm wishes
Karin & Richard


Good Vibes

Movement art in Fremantle, Australia.
Let Karin, Martina and Toni inspire you.


On a Salt Lake in Perth

Movement art somewhere on a remote salt lake in Western Australia.


Trigg Beach

The contemporary art of motion Pilates.
Karin, Toni & Martina at Western Australian Trigg Beach.


Pilates Reformer Flow

Reform Yourself.


Pilates & Kleingeräte

Rolling as Calling.


Pilates Matte

Go with the Flow.