Paola Raffinetti



Some Qualifications


  • Slings Myofascial Training® Practitioner (art of motion Academy)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (InYoga)
  • Certified Pilates Teacher – Matwork and Comprehensive Studio (Pilates Foundation UK)
  • B-tech in Dance Teaching (Tswhane University of Technology)
  • Sydney host for Slings Myofascial Training® in partnership with Anatomy Trains Australia
  • Presenter at workshops and retreats
  • Various certificates in fitness and wellness



A glimpse into the life of...

The motivation to understand what moves us has shaped Paola's exploration in her own life and those she encounters teaching. The desire to feel the ‘aliveness’ in movement drives this curiosity. Exploring the body’s interconnectedness with science-based understanding has evolved and shifted her teaching in countless positive ways. It continues to motivate her to evolve, encourages more questions and ignites her curiosity. 

Paola considers herself a ‘citizen of the world’. She is South African born with Italian heritage and has lived in many countries. Paola has settled in Sydney, Australia to live her dream of a beach life with her family.

Paola is the Sydney host in partnership with Anatomy Trains Australia as well as an Educator for art of motion.