Manuela Kim Schori



Some Qualifications

  • Certified Educator Contemporary Pilates
  • Certified Pilates Teacher
  • Certified Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Advanced Level 
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (BFH)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in pelvic education (pelvic floor -rehabilitation)

A glimpse into the life of...

Manuela is a full-time physiotherapist and works at the University Clinic for Gynaecology at the Inselspital Bern. In March 2016 she completed the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Pelvic Education (CAS Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation). She came to Pilates through her studies in Physiotherapy. Today, she incorporates Pilates exercises into her therapy to create an optimal exercise program for her patients. She also teaches Pilates classes at the Pilates & Yoga Studio origin8 in Bern. Manuela has always enjoyed movement and sport. Originally, Manuela's passion belongs to the Korean martial art Taekwondo. Her heart still beats for this sport today, even though she is no longer participating in trainings as often as she used to. Manuela regularly attends Yoga and Pilates classes and loves hiking in the Swiss mountains as well as travelling the world.