Andreas Klingebiel



Some Qualifications

  • Certified lecturer Slings Myofascial Training® Teacher Advanced Level 
  • Certified Advanced Rolfer®
  • Rolf Movement Practitioner®
  • Certified physiotherapist FH / sports physiotherapist
  • Educator Myofascial Release (DGMR)
  • Yin Yoga teacher
  • Educator physiotherapy University of Applied Science Berne
  • Proprietor Praxis raumzeit



A glimpse into the life of...

Since Andreas came into contact (literally) with fascia over 10 years ago, his passion for the topic has and continues to grow ever the more. He’s been pursuing the incredible importance and possibilities of fascia in theory and practice ever since. In the beginning, mainly through manual treatments however now Andreas increasingly fathoms the potential of the myofascial system in motion.