Alexa Nehter



Some Qualifications

  • Certified Educator Slings Myofascial Training
  • Certified Educator Anatomy TrainsĀ® in Motion
  • Certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integration
  • Slings Myofascial Training Teacher Advanced Level 
  • Certified Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Restorative Yoga Teacher
  • Yoga Teacher Trainer
  • Presenter at different Health and Fitness Conferences & Congresses
  • MEd Sport- and Biological Sciences (University Flensburg, Germany)

A glimpse into the life of...

From horseback riding in her younger years, to running, surfing, studying physical education and biology, to practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates - Alexa gained her strong belief in the transformative and healing power of movement trough her own movement journey.

It was at a yoga workshop when Alexa held the Anatomy Trains book in her hands for the first time. Sure enough she took it home over night to dive deeper. Was this the explanation of what she knew through her yoga and movement practice? Since this day in 2012 the Anatomy Trains have been part of Alexa's explorations, understanding, practice and teaching of movement. She took her dive deeper and graduated as Anatomy Trains Structural Integration practitioner and Slings Myofascial Training teacher years later. When not surfing, hiking or travelling, Alexa now offers both, separately and in combination to her clients in the beautiful town of Margaret River in the South of Western Australia.