Company Guidelines

We believe that knowledge should be shared generously and that holistic movement education requires complex theories to be “translated” into accessible concepts and practical applications to be useful.

Therefore, Karin and her team of experts have been defining, redefining and refining the art of motion curriculums, teaching aids and course materials for a good number of years – and continue to do so. This means that during an education, we can present you with up to date information and give you comprehensive reference material to support your growth as a mover and teacher beyond the course.

Further to that, we love what we do – and that includes all of us. From the people who educate, to those who care for our customers, those who keep the offices running smoothly and those who edit volumes of text and photos.

In essence, we are humans living our passion and believing that education should be an awesome experience – for body, mind and soul.


We move people of all shapes, sizes and ages in order to make them feel physically balanced and mentally strong, so that training comes smoothly to them. All people use their available physical and mental potential in order to stay healthy and active for longer.


We provide our students with current courses, systems and learning materials that enable them to understand the human body as a whole; as well as to recognise the purpose and benefits of exercises and training systems in order to apply them appropriately. Our customers consist of professionals who focus on the well-being of their own clients, functionally apply the training systems and convey benefits because they have experienced it themselves.

Basic principles

From the toes to the crown

The human body is a marvel of evolution which has been evolving over millions of years. We make use of every part of our bodies and they contribute to the functioning of the whole. That is why we do not leave anything out and we train the whole body, from the crown down to the toes and finger tips.

From outside to inside

From outside to inside or from inside to outside, it does not really matter. It is important to pay attention to all the layers, inner and global muscles, deep and superficial layers of fascia, as well as the skin surrounding us.


When we deconstruct, analyse and work out complex movements into their individual parts, we do this in order to reassemble the optimised elements to form a whole.

More than the sum of its parts

We are convinced that if the systems of our body work harmoniously as a whole, it positively affects our nervous system, awareness, sense of well-being and performance, which in turn improves resilience, creativity and durability.

Guiding principles

  • We are aware that we do not know everything, but we are happy to pass on what we do know.
  • We strive for harmony and balance of body and spirit – with a sense of reality.
  • We believe that everyone is an movement artist.
  • Joy of motion is as important as objectives.