Contemporary Pilates

art of motion believes in educating independent Pilates teachers who offer their clients an efficient, varying and functional training.

Contemporary. By definition: modern, present, current. Our expression of contemporary means integrating insights from science and kinematics into our teaching method. We bring current knowledge and proven principles together for a state of the art training.  

Our contemporary method is mirrored in an enlarged repertoire. We train in a multidimensional manner and in every body position; standing, sitting, kneeling and lying – "movement as diverse as life itself" is our motto. In order to teach safely and efficiently on every level we work with a comprehensive and differentiated repertoire.

Enhance your knowledge and expertise in theory and practise. The detailed illustrated course books are always up to date and serve as a reference body of work.

We recognise former educational qualifications, acknowledge training periods with other institutes and offer the possibility of lateral entry into our education pathways.

About our Contemporary Pilates Method

Selected Pilates Course Manuals: Open Source Library