We recommend coaching if you are looking to refine your technique, are preparing for your Slings Diploma or purely because you and your personal growth are important and worth investing in.

Coaching sessions are more than personalised training, they are for the broadening and deepening of your personal and professional skills.

Your coach

  • teaches for art of motion as a lecturer, assistant and/or assessor,
  • has several years of professional experience under her belt teaching group classes and/or private classes,
  • will give you their complete attention.

Interested? Then contact the coach of your choice directly:

Muriel Morwitzer


Factsheet Coaching with Muriel

Stephanie Ross-Russell


Factsheet Coaching with Stephanie

UK, Oxford. Worldwide.
Alexa Nehter email Australia, Margaret River. Worldwide.
Anneke Kruger email UK, South Africa, Worldwide.
Cecilia Douglas email Sweden, Stockholm
Cristina Ferri email Italy, Piacenza
Kiki Vance email USA, Santa Fe
Leanne Hahn email Israel, Galilee. Worldwide.
Lida Lavrukovich email Russia, Worldwide.
Li King Ying Doris  email Hong Kong, China