Slings in Motion I Handbuch

Superficial Back Line & Superficial Front Line

We at the art of motion Academy are thrilled to offer you the 2022 edition of this comprehensive manual for embodied learning. Slings in Motion I is intended to benefit you personally and enrich you professionally.

Special features of the fascia-focussed movement repertoire:

  • The Superficial Back Line and Superficial Front Line of Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept are in the spotlight – their muscular and fascial, postural and movement, as well as sensory functions, are considered with specificity.
  • All of the 12 Fascial Movement Qualities of the Slings Myofascial Training concept are deliberately utilised with the aim of improvement.
  • A broad range of diverse exercises for the whole body and in all body positions are included (standing, weight-bearing, kneeling, sitting, prone, side-lying, supine).
  • The versatility of the repertoire unites rhythmic dynamic exercises with steady slow motions and melting poses.
  • Each of the 42 primary exercises features movement variations with and without massage props. Also included are ways to prepare and complement primary exercises.
  • Many primary exercises are rounded out with an example of a dynamically balanced movement sequence in which they are embedded, providing context for deepened and embodied learning.
  • All primary exercises, variations, and sequences are illustrated with photos that show every phase of a motion.
  • All exercises can be woven into the smooth flowing SynerChi sequences shown at the end of the manual.
  • Slings in Motion I is a practical guide to enhance your physical functionality and vitality in a resource-oriented integrative manner.

The detailed descriptions of the primary exercises include:

  • Overarching exercise aims
  • Distinct exercise benefits
  • Use of props such as the Slings massage balls, massage domes, trigger balls, and kneeling pad
  • Recommended breathing patterns and techniques
  • Movement sequences from starting position to execution to conclusion
  • Applied Slings Myofascial Training Techniques
  • Key points to remember
  • Specific instructions for each movement component
  • Myofascial movement anatomy

Every exercise in this manual has a multitude of benefits for your body and the way you feel in your body. It is a practical guide to enhance your movement scope and overall wellbeing in a resource-oriented integrative manner.

Slings in Motion I is excellent for body-minded movement teachers, therapists with an affinity for nuanced movement training, or movement enthusiasts. Truly, it is for anyone who values depth in exercise understanding.


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