Anerkannt von Thomas W. Myers

A Word from Tom

“The Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridian map came out in 2001, and has rapidly become widely used (and occasionally misused) in the bodywork and movement world. Linking the muscles together through the fascial fabric allows us to understand the anatomy of posture and functional movement in a more holistic way than the piecemeal ‘origin-insertion-action-innervation’ study that has occupied kinesiologists for the last hundred years.

I am very pleased to put our ‘stamp of approval’ on the concepts and practical work Karin Gurtner has developed - Anatomy Trains in Motion. Karin combines a deep understanding of contemporary movement - especially Pilates, yoga, and mind-body training - together with years of immersion in the Anatomy Trains set of ideas. The result is a benefit to you: Good, sound movement practices, presented clearly and progressively, always within the context of balancing the lines and building integrated movement.

You can approach this work with confidence. It has been thoroughly researched and tested by Karin in her classes, and exemplifies the kind of whole-body involvement and deep inner balance that we at Anatomy Trains are enthusiastic to spread to the children, mothers, and movers of this world.”

Tom Myers