Fascia in Movement & Sport

12 - 13 December 2020. We are thrilled to be part of this incredible online conference in which latest fascia research and functional movement applications meet!

Diese live online Konferenz wird von Fisicamente Formazione organisiert. Alle Vorlesungen werden in Englisch durchgeführt.

Details zur Anmeldung: www.fisicamenteformazione.it/fascia-in-movimento-e-sport-en/

18 International presenters from Europe and America will drive you through the new researches on the role of Fascia in Movement and Sport.

Presenters: Robert Schleip, Carla Stecco, Karin Gurtner, Antonio Stecco, Adamantios Arampatzis, Andrzej Pilat, Bernardo Neme Ide, James Earls, Jan-Paul Van Wingerden, Jan Wilke, Mette Hansen, Keith Baar, Sérgio Fonseca, Anna Maria Vitali, Divo Muller, Johannes Freiberg, John Sharkey, Laurice Nemetz

Where:Live Online
When:12 - 13 December 2020
Organiser:Fisicamente Formazione
Program:Schedule (PDF)
Tickets:Fisicamente Formazione Event Page
15%-Discount Code art-of-motion

Props needed: 1 Mat and 2 Slings Massage Balls and 1 Slings Kneeling Pad